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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Alex is the name but you may call me Neru, I'm from Germany.
My hobbies are drawing, writing, and reading.
Feel free to tag me in stuff!

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Archive of Our Own…

No One Was Surprised by Eliatropess

So, today I had my final diagnosis appointment to find out whether I was autistic or not. And as it turns out I have, in fact, Asperger. Neither me nor my mother, brother, therapist or doctor were really surprised.
Honestly, I have no idea what the difference between autism an Asperger is...No one really bothered to explain, and online explanations just confuse me.
Well, I'm relieved that for once I have a clear diagnosis and not another "you-might-have-it-but-we-are-not-sure"-diagnosis. I mean, my life won't really be changed aside from the fact that people will be more accepting towards me now because I have a diagnosis. I have no idea if it's like this in other countries too or just here.
I'm going back to school in August and I have another three years ahead of me. I hope that school will be less stressful now that I have a diagnosis, given that the stress wasn't caused by the school itself but rather by the other students that were constantly EVERYWHERE.

Now on to a personal rant;
I'm a little pissed, to say the least. Not because I am autistic. Rather because now that I have the diagnosis the majority of my family members claim that they knew I was autistic since my childhood. Which in turn makes me wonder why the hell they treated me so poorly then. Why they kept yelling at me, without explaining why the things I did were wrong. The same goes for my ignorant former classmates who bullied me to the point were I had to go to a mental hospital because I wanted to end my life at such a young age. They didn't even bother to apologize to me after I got better.
Again, I'm relieved that I finally have the diagnosis but I've been getting some pretty bad flashbacks to points in my childhood were people just...weren't nice to me. And with research on the internet I actually managed to discover that I was verbally and emotionally abused by some people that were pretty close to me in the past, yet I deemed their poor treatment and aggressive demeanor towards me as normal or something that was reasonable.
I'm pretty tired today, not physically, but mentally. I'm just glad that I have my medication back because otherwise I would be a total wreck...

I don't mean to whine, I don't want pity either. What is important to me is that everyone should be more considerate towards the people around them, whether they like them or not, whether they are close to them or not.

Thanks if you read until this point. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of me so far.
And thanks to the entirety of the Wakfu fandom, I met a lot of amazing people here and joining the fandom helped me grow a lot.


Small update:
I probably wont be as active as usually during the next week or so.
Partially because my new computer reacts very differently to my tablet than my laptop did and I need to get used to it first, but also because I can finally play Fallout now. Though I will probably spend the next few day figuring out how to add mods. I'm not good with that stuff, man...
That aside everything is coming along nicely! I have almost all of my programs installed and I'm getting better at typing with this new keyboard, although the sound it makes while I type still puts me off a bit since it's much louder than the sound that the keyboard of my laptop made.
Have a nice day, fellas!
Welp, my new screen can display more colors and is full HD and now a lot of my art looks really bad compared to how it looked before...
Alright folks, buddies, pals, my friends!
I finally got my new computer today! Everything, including the mouse and the keyboard is glowing in red light and I'm absolutely ecstatic! I am currently still setting everything up and I will probably have to rearange the set up a bit in the future.
Boy, it's difficult to type with this keyboard...I'm used to the flat one on my laptop.
Now the next point on my To-Do list is finding the disc with my tablet driver. And getting an extension cable for the tablet itself. My desk is a mess with all these cords and cables...

Now that I have a PC that works properly I will start to stream again soon! And by that I mean that I will not only be on but also on! Yep, that's right! I will start doing gaming streams in the future and I hope to see some of you drop by when the time comes! Though it will probably be a bit until then.

Thanks for paying me attention, ladies and gentlefolks! Have a wonderful day!
Oh my god I was going through my files of unfinished drawings/drawings that are .sai files and I found a bunch of shitposts and crack art from when Aki was here. None of these make any sense... :'D
Edit: I also found something that was, and still is, hilarious to me, but very painful for Aki. I'm so sorry.
Brain: "You are not supposed to draw!"
Hand: "Haha, look at me go!!"

In other news, it appears Robin has an adoptive daughter now...

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