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People have voted "Yes!" for the contest! I have decided that it will be an art contest and OC related. What theme would you be interested in? 

11 deviants said Crackshipping
9 deviants said Fashion design
7 deviants said Alternate Universe


Third Time Is A Pattern

At this point everyone and their mom has made a post about the problem with Mizary. Sadly, it wasn't enough. So here I go now.

By now I'm pretty sure that everyone is aware of Mizary's ongoing theft and copying of other people's work That's been going on for six (!) months now.

"What are you talking about, Alex?"
I'm talking about this.

"But wait...!"

"I see you listed a few cases in which she is accused of stealing from references! They are meant to be used for help in artwork! I don't see anything wrong with this!"

You are right! Reference sheets are generally made by artists to help themselves and others with difficult poses! But; You are not supposed to trace the poses. They are not bases, that you use as dress-up dolls. You use references by looking at them while drawing.

"How can you know that this isn't what she did?"

You see, in the case of the Halloween drawing it's pretty obvious. As for the others; again, you are right! I can't tell for sure! But; if you are using these references you have to credit the original creator!

"She did credit them though!"

No. She either didn't give credit at all or only did so after she had been called out on it or was actually contacted by the original artist. Her excuse was that she simply "forgot" to credit them.

"Some of these are incredibly vague. You are just far-fetching things now!"

Here's the thing: The works aren't copied one to one. But they are still similar enough that several people, who in some cases aren't even connected to each other, pointed this out. This was usually met with either denial or a block from Mizary's side. Moreover some of these were posted almost immediately after the original was posted.
Now, maybe some of these are vague. But after her lying to our faces for six months, spitting in our faces over and over again, while crying crocodile tears and sending her wannabe white knights after people, how are we supposed to believe her?

"What are you going on about? None of us are "white knights"! We are her friends! It's natural that we would defend her!"

Let's face it, defending your friend is admirable, really! It's something to be proud of! However, as a friend you are not supposed to encourage her to repeat her mistakes. You are actually supposed to call her out on them! Not to make her feel bad, but to help her grow! Because that's what friends are for! Having each others backs, helping each other grow and learn! All of us are problematic in some way, I am too! But we don't often notice it ourselves! That's why I expect my friends to call me out on my shit!

"These are coincidences! You are just jealous!"

Check the title, sweetheart. Also jealous of what? Her inability to create original content or her obvious theft and pathetic attempts to hide it?

"Just leave it be already, I'm tired of this and so is Mizary."

So are we! But do you really think we will close our eyes while she continues to violates the work of our friends or ourself?

"I followed (deviant) for their artwork, not to watch them wage a war."

Unwatch Mizary then. She is the one waging war by continuing to steal stuff. We are just defending ourselves.

"Stop bullying her! You are goading her to self harm and potentially suicide!"

If this is bullying then what is it that she does? Besides if trying to get her to stop stealing others work is goading her into self harm and suicide maybe she could just, you know?? Fucking stop???

And if you need more proof, look at how 'her' art style changes over time. Her anatomy gets better, worse, better again, then even worse.

Anyway Mizary-Roku
Yes, I will tag you directly in it, so don't even pretend you didn't see it.

Why this is bad

1.It is disrespectful to the original artist

The original artists tried very hard to create their characters, their outfits, and every individual drawing. It is time consuming and often a long process until one is satisfied. By taking their designs and tracing or copying their drawings you are violating their hard work. You are basically telling them, that their art is there for others to use as their own.

2. You are lying to yourself.

References can be useful. They help with understanding anatomy and difficult poses. However, references are not supposed to be used as something you trace over. By doing so you are just following lines, you are not getting better, you don't learn anything. Sure, the out coming picture is satisfying to look at for you, but you didn't do the real work. 

3. You are not only hurting the original artist!
Everyone loves receiving art from other people! There is no "good" or "bad" art! Sure, the skill levels of the individual artists can be very different, but no matter how skillful they are, they always pour their heart into gift art. It is a genuine gift and should always be appreciated. But imagine receiving a gift from someone, maybe even a drawing of your own character, only to see this very artwork be ripped of by somebody and used for their own character, or maybe even as a gift for somebody entirely else! Not a nice image, huh? Well, obviously certain people don't take this into consideration. Moreover, the people that are gifted with the stolen artwork do not receive a genuine present. You don't need to try hard to copy somebody else's work. So I suppose the people that receive these gifts just aren't worth the effort of creating something genuine, are they?

4. You are no longer trusted.
Had you only done this once, I would have let it slip. The second time, maybe too. Then people started calling you out. Even some of your friends! Did you listen to them? No, you didn't! People tried to be reasonable and polite, they kept giving you more chances. But even Wish, who always tries to resolve things peacefully and without drama had to make a post to call you out. Did you stop! Again, you didn't!
Yet you still have the audacity to put yourself in the victim role, even though you are the one violating other peoples hard work, imagination and creativity.
After all this, I'm not sure if I could ever actually believe you if you stopped now. Maybe you are just getting your images from somewhere else now.

Yo Les Chibi1 by Eliatropess

Yo Les Chibi2 by Eliatropess
Tumblr Yo Les Chibis by Eliatropess
This journal on both dA and her tumblr. For those who don't speak French:

Yo my Chibis!

A good amount of people know what is happening at the moment, no need to make a report that is just as boring as it is useless. So here we go. I find this situation idiotic and full of nonsense, to be paranoid at this point, stops from the beginning any want to respond. I let people rage in their corner while I watch from afar.

You find this situation idiotic and full of nonsense. Stop stealing art then. You are the one being an idiot.

I tried very hard to find a way effective and evident to conclude all of this but nothing comes my way. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to look any further. As I said to others, I have nothing to hide and lie about…it doesn’t accomplish anything and I am not one to cry crocodile tears.

The most effective way to end this situation would be you stopping to steal art and making a public apology to everyone involved, including your followers cause you keep lying to their faces. Also, you apparently have a lot to lie about, cause you are doing it constantly. And if anyone on this site cries crocodile tears, it's you. I've seen you throwing pity parties left and right. And I've talked to some of the people involved.

So, I will jump directly to the most interesting matter so I will not waste my time and my words. 

I am proud of all my pieces, and when I say all, I mean all without any exceptions. I did not take anybody’s concepts, being the only one who did, or else…everybody would be to blame, right? But it also is beyond me, so much that I see no end.

Aha, a proud thief. Congrats. You constantly take others concepts. It is true that there is no way of being the only one doing something in a drawing. But you are being way to obvious, sometimes even stealing the concept of the drawing mere days after it was posted by the actual artist.

I do not ask others for help, I realize that I am old enough to defend myself, like a big girl. People love what I do, and that is enough for me to continue my art.

Then come out of hiding and stop sending your wannabe white knights after people. 

So the only thing that I can say at the most persistent of my “hunters’ is “shut up” or continue. I amuses me~

To those saying we are goading her to self harm, etc. etc. NOPE obviously not. She thinks it's fun to take the hard work of other people, then lie about it, to spit into peoples faces. It amuses her to put fellow members of this fandom into a bad state of mental health and helplessness, to the point were certain people are afraid to upload their work, or even delete their accounts.

I send lots of love to my followers on DA, and on other sites and I will see you soon with a new drawing, or another post! Ciao my chibis!

Also what is this shit?
'hurrdurr im bein so fuckin sneaky' by Eliatropess
Don't put other people's OCs in your drawings to drag them into a bad light. That's definitely Alys on the far right. The 'ears', the skirt and the sleeves. Don't even try to tell me that's not Alys. And editing additional hair to it doesn't change shit.
Anyway, I'm done sugar coating stuff. Stop being a pissy child pretending to know nothing about this. And stop using your cheap tactic of replying in French to rightful accusations when you can clearly speak English.

Also this?
14740158 1139422492837416 5480927484344008704 N By by Eliatropess
(Translation: Their attitude is ridiculous... All that's needed is for the person to be famous and to talk to them for everyone to be at their feet. I just fell on an army of boot-lickers... What a nice group of sheeps!)
First of all, how is our attitude ridiculous when we just want you to stop stealing our/our friends art?
Second, assuming you are refering to Wish here, let me tell you a thing. Wish was reluctant from the beginning to even make a post about you, that's why she tried to talk to you in private. You didn't listen, you ignored her, blocked her, and keep using her art as yours. 'Inspired' my ass. Who the fuck goes on the page of somebody they've blocked to look at their pictures and be 'inspired'. A fucking idiot, that's who.
Besides you talking about boot-lickers and haters; last time I checked those who are hating were your wonderful friends, who were sending out hate messages, calling people names and threatening them. Learn to handle yourself and stop sending you sugar daddy out to deal with the problems that you created to begin with!
You are one to talk you fucking twat. 

Other people's Input

While I'm the one posting this journal it has had a lot of input of other people who I will not name here. I will link to some of the posts though.

Heavily Inspired situationHey everyone. I'm still sick but feeling much better after aaaaa loooottt of sleep. Anywho, I unfortunately have something serious to discuss with you.
Over the last three weeks, some of you have contacted me about someone here on dA, inquiring about possible art/character theft or someone being heavily inspired by what I do. You've asked me if I am aware and I told you guys that I was, but that it was okay then because it wasn't so bad. But gradually, it started to get worse and after receiving another note today, I had to intervene. 
Let me explain something first: I am okay with other people being inspired by what I draw/create and use that inspiration to create something of their own. It inspires me too. I do draw a line when there's straight up tracing or copying involved, along with heavily referenced stuff which make it obvious it is linked to me somehow. I also draw a line when no credit is left when any of my art/ideas are traced/copied/what have you. I support originalit
Awareness and Explanation post about a blockA month ago, I wrote a journal about being heavily inspired by someone else's work and how one shouldn't use/abuse that inspiration. Someone in particular sparked that journal and this someone has been taking up a lot of my and other people's time. It was time to stop.
Although I should mention their name, I won't. As most of you know, I don't appreciate or support witch hunts, even after all the stress and frustration a person may have caused. Most of you have figured out by now who exactly this person is, it wasn't that difficult, but I would still like for this person to not get all too much attention, negative or positive.
After almost two months of dealing with this person on almost a daily basis, be it discussing their actions with others, talking with them personally or keeping an eye on their progress, I've blocked them everywhere possible. I've offered my support and my advice to them, I kept giving them chances and frankly, I wasn't the only one doing so. But all effort
Three Strikes - You're outHey Missy. All drawn by yourself and TOTALLY not inspired by others, right?
 -   - 
(^ this is the only one you ever admitted to and you were very quick to delete it when people pointed out how wrong it was of you to have done it.)
Summer By Mizary6-dajfaqu by WishingStarInAJar - In summer by WishingStarInAJar
14591106 277640999296036 7051796233664331776 N by WishingStarInAJar - Rebirth: Alys by WishingStarInAJar
Fourth Strike...Here we go again...
So a while back, I got a lovely piece of gift art... two in fact, both done by 0dd-Eye. Unfortunately, someone who has been making a bad name for herself around here for the last half year had to go and, of course, butcher both the gifts by using them far too heavily as inspiration for her own stuff. She knows we are opposed to it, that she didn't get our permission and she knows it isn't the right thing to do. Six months of telling her it is wrong, that she needs to respect the original artists and creators, to ask permission or at least give credit to the ones who inspired her or she took ideas from. To talk and discuss. Does she care after being told this for six months, does she do what is right or accept the advise given to her? No; she keeps getting encouraged to keep up this disgusting behavior by people who come to her defense whenever she cries crocodile tears.

Mizary-Roku, this message is directed at yo

Awareness PostThis needs to spread through the Wakfu community. I have kept quiet, for the most part, but I'm getting angrier each time I see this.

And Wish's status update:
Listen, I have personally spoken to Mizary. I have told her that she has beautiful art as have several other people. She insists that she will change what she's doing, but then she goes right back to it. She is NOT a victim. She is harassing my friends. This is utter bull crap. There are too many "coincidences" for this to be pure chance. She copies poses, concepts and scenarios and makes them her own with absolutely NO credit to who she has taken inspiration from.
She has clearly pretended to use a language barrier to justify herself when she hides her own comments that clearly show there is

Support!For a long time I've been sitting by watching this matter unfold day by day, week by week for the last 6 month just like many of my dear friends have, all without once rasing my voice, and the very soul reason to why I have kept quiet is because I and many other were all asked not to get involved.
First it was an acts of art trace which quickly resulted with comments and note from a more that kind and patiant author by the name WishingStarInAJar aka Wish, she pointed out to at least give credit and to very much figur out her own OC creation and style rather than to rip of her chracter as well as much of her story line and romance...In the best of world it could have ended there, plain and simple...But no.
For the last months things have gone from bad to worse, art has been stolen again and again, but now it isn't just her but also several dear friends has been having thier OC's taken and used without premission from them and this i

I hope you are fucking proud of yourself Mizary. You managed to piss off some of the kindest and most patient people I know.

Anyway, knowing her it's not gonna stop here, and this journal will get some updates.
To everyone else, if you find more stuff that she has stolen send it to me. I will add it.

It is also notable that she blocked me almost immediately on deviantArt after I posted this journal, and shortly after on Instagram when I called her out on trying to cover up drawing Alys' silhouette in the background of one of her drawings. How mature.


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No activity from me til sunday cause im having an old friend over!
Im gonna need so much coffee jesus christ
Welp i made my decision and im not backing out. Sorry to everyone who hasnt gotten replies yet.
I have an exorcism™ to perform...
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The contest poll is over! The theme will be crackshipping!
Further details will be given in the first week of January!
Heya guys! Quick update:
I know I still owe a lot of people replies (some still from early November!!). Again, I will get to it.
Aside from that I still have a few gift artworks standing out that I need to finish (gift art for Wish and Shino among them).
Currently I'm still working on a comission for a friend and if things work out I will stream tomorrow. Feel free to join!


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